PRESS RELEASE Regarding the Project ’’Restoration of wetlands and peatlands in the North-West Region’’ (NWPEAT) – The Sustainable Development Gala 2022 –


On January 2, 2023, during the Sustainable Development Gala that was broadcast by TVR1, the Department for Sustainable Development of the Romanian Government awarded five “champions” in the field of wise use of water. These champions are organizations that have run successful projects that value water or that pursue the goal of water sustainability.



In the UNIVERSITIES AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE category, BABEȘ-BOLYAI UNIVERSITY, FACULTY OF GEOGRAPHY won with the project: Restoration of wetlands and peatlands in the North-West Region (NWPEAT). The judging criteria were the following: (1) the quality of the projects to be collaborative; (2) the public benefit brought by the projects; (3) creativity; (4) replicability and visibility; and (5) the ability to generate continuity.


The competition is part of a wider effort by the Department of Sustainable Development (DDD), which started in 2021. It is a 7-year competition cycle, through which DDD aims to identify organizations that show attention to the sensitive issues of society and run actions in the field of sustainability.


The NWPEAT project is implemented through the “Environment, adaptation to climate change and ecosystems” Programme – RO-Environment, Call for proposals Restoration of wetlands and peatlands, for which the Programme Operator is the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests, and is financed through the Financial Mechanism of the EEA European Economic Area 2014-2021. Responding to the objective of the RO-Environment Programme, the NWPEAT project contributes to improving the state of ecosystems and reducing the effects of human pressure on them.

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