Presentation of the Project “Closing the temporary waste storage facility in the City of Gura Humorului, Suceava County”

The Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests is the Programme Operator for the “Environment, Climate Change Adaptation and Ecosystems” Programme (RO-Environment), ’’Measures to reduce contamination with hazardous substances in temporary municipal waste storage spaces’’ that is funded by the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism 2014 – 2021.

Gura Humorului City Hall announces the launch of the Project “Closing the temporary waste storage facility in the City of Gura Humorului, Suceava County” after signing the financing contract no. 25243/BT/24/11/2022.

The total value of the project is 7,231,707.13 lei, of which 7,169,089.33 lei represents the non-refundable financial assistance and the implementation period is between November 24, 2022 and April 30, 2024.

The general objective of the project is to improve the state of the environment and reduce the adverse effects of pollution generated by the temporary landfill in the North-East region, Gura Humorului, and the target group is the population of 17,839 inhabitants of the city of Gura Humorului.

The proposed specific objectives are:

  • Improving the Territorial Administrative Unit’s capacity to manage risks from chemicals and hazardous waste.
  • Improving the ecological status of the habitat occupied by the temporary landfill by restoring the area.

Waste collection in the city of Gura Humorului is done in four fractions: the wet fraction, the dry fraction, bulky waste, waste generated by construction and demolition activities.

Thus, the municipal waste generated within the radius of the City of Gura Humorului is collected separately by the operator, and after sorting, the residual waste is transported for disposal by storage at the warehouse, which is in accordance with the Directive for waste storage issued by the EU, within the Integrated Management Center of Waste from Suceava county, Moara commune.

Also, in order to reduce pollution with electrical, electronic and household electrical waste (WEEE), the City Hall of Gura Humorului organizes, twice a year, with various partners, general campaigns for the collection of these types of waste. Throughout the year, outside the periods when these campaigns are carried out, WEEE is collected through partners, at the request of citizens.


Starting from 2014, when all the non-compliant warehouses in the county were closed and the Gura Humorului temporary waste storage warehouse was opened, all the city’s residents benefited from household sanitation services, generating approximately 11,500 cubic meters of compacted municipal waste annually, until the end of July 2019, when the Moara ecological warehouse became operational.

The main stages of storage site neutralization are:

  • Organization of the construction site and mobilization of the necessary resources;
  • Preparation of the area by removing vegetation and preparation for profiling the land;
  • Removing waste from the edge areas of the storage site, filling the cavities on the storage site surface and leveling the slopes of the deposit to a maximum slope of 1:3;
  • Waste storage by relocating them in situ, using the method of applying thin layers;
  • Reconditioning the construction land by changing the wet base layer with another material up to a depth of 1.0m and creating a stable, compacted soil (0/56), with which the profile will be filled;
  • The execution of the access road that will be used for accessibility during the final sealing and maintenance works around the storage site;
  • Creation of temporary surface water collection and evacuation systems provided with waterproofing;
  • Creating the structure to ensure a protective degasification of the entire surface;
  • The montage of installations for the groundwater monitoring system;
  • Landscaping with grass seeding to guarantee erosion protection;
  • Fencing the site with earthworks and foundation works;
  • Realization of the final sealing system;
  • Realization of the test field to verify the feasibility and functionality of the construction works of the layers and component elements of the system;
  • Execution of the drainage layer;
  • Installation of settlement markers to monitor the behavior of the storage site.

The decontamination of the base layer, the creation of the infrastructure for the collection of gases and rainwater, the stabilization of the soil, the reduction of the negative visual impact and the monitoring of the area to avoid pollution of the air, the soil, the subsoil and the bordering river are carried out through the proposed works.


Contact information:

Project Manager: Rusu Ana – Maria, email:, phone number


Address: Republicii Square no.14, Gura Humorului, Suceava county, Tel-Fax: 0230.235051, email:




Informatii relevante

As part of an activity in the “Degraded mires and peatlands of North-East 2 region of Romania (PeatRO3) ” project, implemented by the Bucharest Institute of Biology of the Romanian Academy (IBB), as a beneficiary, an information board was installed at the Tinovul Mare Coșna site (SV-003), from Coșna commune, in Suceava county.


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