PRESS RELEASE Regarding the launch of the Project ’’Moreni in Action for Climate’’ (MAC)

The Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests is the Programme Operator for the “Environment, Climate Change Adaptation and Ecosystems” Programme (RO-Environment), Small Grants Scheme ’’Development of mitigation and adaptation plans in municipalities’’ that is funded by the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

The Municipality of Moreni signed, on November 24, 2022, the non-refundable financing contract no. 25244/ BT/24.11.2022 for the implementation of the project: “Moreni in Action for Climate” (MAC) – ’’Development of mitigation and adaptation plans in municipalities’’.

The total value of the project is 603,952 lei, of which 85% non-refundable eligible value from EEA FN 513,359.20 lei, 15% non-refundable eligible value from the national budget 90,592.80 lei, and the implementation period is November 24, 2022 – November 24, 2023.

The general objective of the project is to increase the capacity of the municipality of Moreni to improve and adapt to climate change.

Specific objectives consist of:

  • Development of the Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Plan for the municipality of Moreni for the period 2022-2030 and the evaluation of the opportunity to join the Global Pact of Mayors;
  • Increasing the local authority’s capacity to develop and implement climate-responsible public policies;
  • Increasing the level of information and awareness of the citizens of the municipality of Moreni regarding mitigation and adaptation measures to climate change.

The results of the project under implementation will result a Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Plan for the municipality of Moreni.

The project contributes to the application of European and national policies and the implementation of the Mitigation component of the local Mitigation and Adaptation Plan to Climate Change, will contribute to the achievement of emission reduction targets, the use of renewable energy resources and energy efficiency.



Project manager: Breazu Mădălina

Telephone number:  0245/667265     Email:

Informatii relevante

As part of an activity in the “Degraded mires and peatlands of North-East 2 region of Romania (PeatRO3) ” project, implemented by the Bucharest Institute of Biology of the Romanian Academy (IBB), as a beneficiary, an information board was installed at the Tinovul Mare Coșna site (SV-003), from Coșna commune, in Suceava county.


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